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If what you really want is to live a life of purpose, loving what you do and feeling more fulfilled in your job, career or profession, there are ways around these obstacles. Read on to learn basic steps that get you moving towards what you most want, starting this very minute.

Have the major breadwinner move and keep the family in place. This way, the rest of the family can retain some degree of normality, the children can stay in the same schools and there isn’t any culture or geographic shock caused by moving to another area, to say nothing of the hassle of moving. Perhaps driving 3-4 hours may produce some better opportunities or even commuting back and forth on weekends from greater distances. It’s obviously not ideal, but as things improve in your home area, you can keep looking for something closer. If the new more distant job turns out to be a winner, you can move in an organized manner later to something better.

Let me illustrate with a recent example. As a support specialist, I focus on helping individuals who are at a career crossing, get clear about what they deeply want to do. It is a critical FIRST step in their job search, career development and personal fulfillment. Otherwise, they continue to pursue someone else’s dreams!

Fortunately I outplacement supports have a pretty great support system. I called my husband, vented and then asked him to pray for me and I also called my Priest and asked him to pray as well. Then I left my office, had a snack, got in the car with the baby and went for a nice walk along the river.

How can you clarify these kinds of self-understanding insights? You can do this first of all through a process of reflection on your favorite passions, skills, and interests as well as preferences. Career tests or assessments can also provide help here, and lend some objectivity to the exploration. There are a number of reliable and valid career-oriented tests that are widely available through career counselors and coaches.

I targeted a job with them in their sales organization. I thought it would impress them if I made a cold call on the college recruiter. So I planned my approach. I would go over at lunch time when the main receptionist wouldn’t be on duty. I figured the person that covers during lunch wouldn’t take their gate keeping duty as seriously. I thought if I could just get into the Human Resources Department, I could probably wait for the college recruiter to get back from lunch.

As Eric Schmidt said,” no one can really see themselves as the world sees them.” It’s nearly impossible for people to see what greatness they have when self evaluating. You have all of these filters that hinder you from seeing what potential you truly possess. Filters are like the “blinders” of self discovery. Things like past failures, others opinions of you, your opinion of you, self-confidence, and not taking credit for your greatness are some common filters. The right coach will be able to help you look past these filters so you can see the core of your true greatness, what great talents you possess, and how to put this greatness to use.

Break it up. What sounds easier? Writing 1,000 words in two hours or writing 125 words in 15 minutes? Breaking your task into smaller parts will help you get started.

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