Big Mind Theory, Part 1 Of 3

Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas! Do you need Gift ideas! the excitement of the festive seasons seem to be every where. We are being told that consumers are set to spend more than they did last year, and it appears that everyone is ready for this time. But is it true? statistics seem to indicate that this could be the loneliest time of the year, with more suicides being committed than any other time. Then I came across an article written by Grenville Kent in “Adventist World” that ask a very sober question, Who are you?.So let me invite you on this journey of discovering who we truly are, and prayerfully it will make this festive season more meaningful.

RZW: Janet, my move back to St. Louis was a return…a 360 degree turn from where I began…where I was born and raised. I needed to do some ancestoral work in St. Louis and take care of my father’s estate.

This strikes me as a picture of our lives as well. We’ve read the first seven letters. We know where we’ve been. But we don’t know yet what will be in letter number eight. So we worry about it. These things are in the future. That’s the tomorrow, and some of the days ahead look very challenging, I think, for us.

Even a superficial understanding of latest space news and biology will show that it doesn’t make sense that the universe and complex life arose by mere chance. So if the universe and life didn’t happen by chance, the only other alternative was to conclude that God created the whole box and dice.

This isn’t just an academic exercise. This teaches us about God, and you’d better listen because you’re going to need this God in your future. We all are going to need a God that has this kind of power, and we can trust Him.

And this God is a capable God. And this is the kind of God who is not only powerful, He is not only precise, He is not only a mathematician…The level of precision in a created order like our universe is 10 to the 10th to the 127th. That’s impossible. There are no numbers like that – 10 to the 10th to the 127th , this is how precise our God’s power and order are… this is perfection… this is supreme excellence and supreme power. And this is the God that we serve. This is the one that you can actually talk to and get to call Father… like your daddy here on earth, but this awesome, unstoppable, force of incredible power and Love, is your Father waiting for you in Heaven!

The book was made into a very bad movie directed by Roland Emmerich, who later became more famous for Independence Day and Star Gate. It would very much be a better project in the hands of, say, Terry Gilliam.

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